Our Investment Partnership: Charging your EV Strategy

Empowering everyone, everywhere to embrace EVs: Your vision, our capability, and joint investment in a thriving partnership.

Why choose char.gy as your investment partner?

In 2016, we began with a promising idea and innovative solutions, growing into a UK-wide network of over 3,000 on-street charge points. This year, char.gy’s network will expand further with an additional 1,000 charge points joining us from another provider, all delivering our industry-leading 99% uptime.

Our commitment from Zouk Capital of £100 million, as part of the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), underscores our focus on growth and excellence. This substantial fund is dedicated exclusively to the expansion of public on-street EV charging and will ensure that we have the financial backing and strategic vision to support your socially impactful concessions.

Local government seeking a reliable and agile partner can trust char.gy’s proven track record. We have consistently delivered high-quality charging solutions, backed by our expertise and experience. Our projects are not just installations; they are a long-term commitment to improving urban mobility and sustainability.


Most affordable

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Network uptime

Industry leading uptime on our network


Renewable energy

Renewable energy, when the grid is at its greenest


Private funding

Committed by Zouk Capital as part of the governments CIIF fund

Partnering with char.gy


We work closely with our local government partners to develop a joint understanding of their strategic goals, key objectives, and priorities. Our comprehensive expertise in delivering tailored infrastructure solutions for residential use cases allows us to create robust yet agile infrastructure plans. This approach ensures together we make the most of LEVI public funding and private sector investment.

Demand planning

Determining where, when, and how many charge points to deploy is a complex process, making demand planning the most critical factor in developing a viable investment case. We have developed a bespoke technology platform and dedicated data analysis expertise that enables us to confidently predict future EV demand down to the postcode level.

This capability gives us the assurance to commit funding to projects and enhances the reach of our network. It allows us to host a greater number of charge points across more streets, including areas that are socioeconomically and geographically disadvantaged, providing equitable access for everyone, everywhere.

Investment Case Development

A viable investment case will attract private funding while achieving the societal goals of the concession.

This requires both parties to consider multiple variables affecting the commercial and social impact within the partnership and contract. We work with local governments to develop a mutually beneficial project scope, underpinned by a commercial structure that incentivises excellent performance, stability, and longevity of the concession

Deploy and Operate

Once the concession begins, char.gy adopts the technology and revenue risk, deploying and operating the public network on behalf of the partnership.

While our service is delivered according to KPIs, our dedication to service quality is driven by our commitment to being the preferred provider for our drivers. We have designed the driver experience around convenience, reliability, and value for money, and we will continue to prioritise these metrics.

Our Partners

Our growing list of established partners are already experiencing the benefits of working with char.gy.

We make public EV charging simple for residents, through delivering robust, cost effective networks for our partners that focus on convenience.

Together we are giving people the confidence to go EV, accelerating the transition towards a sustainable future.

Brent Council
Coventry City Council
Croydon Council
East Lothian Council
Harrow Council
Merton Council
Redbridge Council
Tower Hamlets Council
Buckinghamshire Council
Haringey Council
Leicester City Council
Milton Keynes City Council
Southwark Council
The University of Warwick
Richmond Council
Wandsworth Council

“My team trusts char.gy to manage the full process from selecting locations, undertaking technical surveys, liaising with residents, managing installations and providing all maintenance...

...This is a great partnership for our Council”

Local Government Partner

Delivering the full range of charging solutions

We understand that creating an infrastructure that works for everyone, everywhere requires flexibility and the ability to meet a diverse set of needs.

To address the unique challenges of rural, urban, and metropolitan streetscapes, we have developed a range of in-house and third-party on and off street solutions.


At home charging

Bollard, lamppost and wall-mounted


Destination or services charging

Bollard, lamppost and wall-mounted


Required for quick top ups

Pedestal tethered solution

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Our Investors

char.gy is backed by Zouk Capital and has recently secured additional funding from CIIF, bringing Zouk’s total investment in char.gy to £100 million. This £420 million fund was established by the UK Government in 2019 to accelerate the deployment of EV charging infrastructure.

This increased funding places us in an excellent position to forge strong and lasting partnerships with local governments, enabling the development of networks that supports the UK’s transition to electric mobility. Their investment significantly enhances our ability to expand charging access to everyone throughout the UK over the next five years.

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Our sustainability mission

Driven by our vision of a cleaner, greener future, we hold ourselves accountable for our impact on the planet and society.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is integral to our business strategy and crucial to promoting long-term sustainability and generating value for all our stakeholders.

Learn more about our sustainability commitments.

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kg/CO2 saved since we launched

Vauxhall & The Electric Streets of Britain

char.gy is partnered with Vauxhall Motors Ltd. in the Electric Streets of Britain campaign.

This initiative aims to support the transition to electric vehicles for the 40% of households without off-street parking, ensuring they're not left behind in the UK's electric transition.

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