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char.gy is a leading charge point provider and operator for electric vehicles in the UK, managing over 3,000 public charge points. We are committed to providing reliable, convenient and affordable charging infrastructure that is accessible to all, particularly the 40% of UK households without private driveways that rely on public charging.

char.gy is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of electric vehicle charging by delivering meaningful and long-lasting outcomes, to ensure a sustainable, reliable and accessible future for all.

The Board

George Ridd

Partner at Zouk Capital LLP

George Lipczynski

Partner at Zouk Capital LLP

Gillian Watson

Chair and Independent Non-executive Director

Chris McDowell

Director at char.gy

The Executive Team

John Lewis

Chief Executive Officer

Yann Marston

Chief Revenue Officer

Monica Smith

Head of People Operations

Oliver Brighton

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Lennon

Chief Operating Officer

Henry Turner

Chief Technology Officer

Richard Stobart

Founder & Market Development Director

Our origin story

Driven by a visionary desire to revolutionise mobility, Richard Stobart founded char.gy with a simple yet powerful goal: to own an electric vehicle (EV) while living in a home without a driveway. At the time, Richard was working at Unboxed.co, an innovative agency specialising in digital solutions for government and commercial sectors.

This experience facilitated the rapid prototyping of software solutions, while Richard's determination propelled the development of a hardware product that addressed the pressing need for EV charging solutions for those relying on public infrastructure. Richard and Unboxed partnered with smaller suppliers to swiftly prototype the hardware and within two years, char.gy installed its first product on a lamppost in Marlow. This milestone marked the beginning of a transformative journey to make EV charging accessible to all.


To deliver society's preferred electric vehicle charging network accelerating the transition to sustainable transport.


By 2030 we will have made the use of electric vehicles easy and convenient for over one million drivers by delivering and supporting a reliable public charging service.


At char.gy, we believe that integrating ESG factors into our business strategy is essential for fostering long-term sustainability and creating value for all stakeholders.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is at the core of everything we do. We are driven by a vision of a cleaner, greener future and we take proactive steps to reduce our environmental impact. This is reflected in our efforts to promote electric vehicle (EV) adoption and reduce carbon emissions through 100% renewable energy integration and sustainable operational practices.

In addition, we strive to positively impact society by making our charging stations accessible to all, engaging with local communities through educational initiatives, the creation of jobs and ensuring the well-being of our employees.

Finally, we enforce a strong governance framework to uphold high ethical standards, transparency, and our board of directors actively oversees our ESG strategy, ensuring that it aligns with our corporate values and long-term goal.

Carbon Reduction Plan


kg/Carbon emissions saved


Meet our Investors. Zouk Capital is a private equity and infrastructure fund manager investing in the sustainable economy opportunities created by the global shift to greater resource efficiency. Their investment strategy focuses on the opportunities emerging at the intersection of infrastructure, technology and sustainability that stem in response to some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges of our time. Based in London, Zouk manages approximately €1billion, including the £420m Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), sponsored by the UK Government and focussed on the public EV charging market in the UK.

char.gy is backed by Zouk Capital and has recently secured additional funding from CIIF, bringing Zouk's total investment in char.gy to £100 million. This increased funding places us in an excellent position to forge strong and lasting partnerships with local governments, enabling the development of infrastructure that supports the UK's transition to electric mobility. Their investment significantly enhances our ability to expand our charging networks to everyone throughout the UK over the next five years.

Local Government

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding value for our partners, as well as our drivers. Learn more about how we can support you, through consultation and planning, to the reliable and efficient installation, operation and maintenance of a charging network in your region.

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We are making the switch to EVs make sense for everyone. Want to find your nearest charge point, learn more about our pricing or how to charge, or discover more about char.gy?

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